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Australia’s First Online Medicinal Cannabis Course

Our Course Is Designed For

doctors cannabis education


To understand the basic science behind cannabis and the safety requirements for prescribing in Australia.

cannabis education nurses


To understand the potential applications of medicinal cannabis in Australian hospitals for the treatment of multiple medical conditions.

cannabis education allied health professionals

Allied Health

To understand the potential applications of medicinal cannabis for allied health professionals in the treatment of multiple medical conditions.

cannabis education patients


To get a better understanding of medicinal cannabis and how it can be applied in the treatment of multiple medical conditions.

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Medicinal Cannabis Education Designed By A Doctor

Dr Teresa Towpik medicinal cannabis doctor

Dr Teresa Towpik


Dr Towpik has been a General Practitioner in Australia since 1993 and an advocate of medicinal cannabis since the law was amended and cannabis was legalised for medicinal use. Since then she has been studying the therapeutic properties of cannabis, how it works in the human body and the potential applications in General Practice, especially in the management of chronic debilitating pain.

We are now experiencing a global cannabis phenomenon, it is widely accepted by the general public and there is a growing need for Doctors to be able to provide the necessary information to safety prescribe medicinal cannabis.

In 2016, Dr Towpik founded MediHuanna, an organisation that provides science-based medicinal cannabis education for Health Professionals. Dr Towpik sees cannabis as a therapeutic agent that has huge potential in General Practice. Her goal is to change the stigma of cannabis through education, enabling it to be seen as an important medicine that should be integrated into modern medicine.

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Our Medicinal Cannabis Courses

introduction to medicinal cannabis course

MC101: Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis for Health Professionals & Patients

MC101 is designed to be an easy to follow and understand introduction to medicinal cannabis. It will introduce you to the basics of cannabis history, the science behind its medicinal properties and the clinical applications in the management of chronic medical conditions as well as treatment options, possible side effects and drug interactions. It will also guide you through the prescribing requirements in Australia and the associated regulatory processes.

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